Web InterfaceΒΆ

The web interface is a way to interactively explore a LASIF project and the data within. To start it, simply execute the following command inside the folder structure of a LASIF project:

$ lasif serve

This will start a local web server and open the website in your browser. It heavily relies on JavaScript so make sure it is not disabled. Please also use a modern and up-to-date browser. I tested it with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari; Firefox being the slowest of the bunch.

The webinterface is designed to display the state of a project at the time the serve command is executed. If you modify the state of a project while the web server is running, the result is undefined. Please restart the server in that case.

Here are a couple of screenshots highlighting some features of the web interface. Click on them for full size.


Interactive map capable of showing the domain boundaries, events, and per-event recording stations including raypaths.


Interactive waveform plotting.


List of all events with some more information.


Various interactive plots related to event distributions.


Detailed information about the defined iterations.